Developing Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual Discernment: the ability to evaluate where God is working (and not working) in your life.

Spiritual Direction: a process that helps you develop a greater ability to discern the movement of God in your life.

A Spiritual Director: a trained companion who listens to the unfolding story of your life, without judgment. A director will help you assess what God may be doing in your circumstances, equipping you to better understand your journey of faith.

Julie White has received a certificate in spiritual direction. Meeting with her enables you to:
– set aside a specific time for spiritual reflection
– make some spiritual evaluations in the midst of your busy life

The time you spend with Julie will help you interpret your life experiences in light of God’s truth. You will improve your ability to see the way that God is at work in the varied moments of your day. From practical issues like time management, to deepening your prayer life, you will gain greater clarity about God’s direction and experience more of his peace in the midst of challenging circumstances.


Like to know more? Check out the FAQ’s:

Is “spiritual direction” different than counseling?

Yes! A counselor helps you develop greater emotional understanding and problem-solving skills. When you meet with me, I will help you discern the the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Is “spiritual direction” something new?
No, it’s actually an ancient spiritual practice of the church…but it’s desperately needed today. Why? Because our modern world has become so cognitive that we have forgotten how to notice God’s presence.

What happens when I meet with Julie?
We begin with a few minutes of prayer or silence to help us lay aside the distractions of the day and turn our thoughts to God. Then you simply talk about what is happening at work, at school, or in your relationships. I may ask a few questions or offer some thoughts on what you’ve said.

Most importantly, I will listen and pray for the Holy Spirit’s direction, so together we can discern how God may be guiding you. In response to God’s leading, I want to help you connect more closely and deeply with God through prayer.

How do we get started?
We will have an initial phone conversation to get acquainted and to answer any questions you might have. If we both feel God’s leading, we will schedule our first meeting. We will meet once each month for about one hour.

NOTE: Our meetings can take place in person, over the phone, or via Skype or FaceTime.

Why should I make time for these meetings?
“Soul care” is a vital component of the Christian life. We easily can become consumed with tasks and disregard our need for time with God. This disregard can lead to burnout and other issues that turn life and ministry into a burden…rather than a joy.

Is there a cost?
The professional fee for each monthly meeting is $50. There will be an additional fee if I travel to meet you outside the greater Eugene/Springfield area.

Consider this: for about the cost of a health club membership…for less than your monthly cable or satellite TV plan…or (for women) for less than the cost of visiting the hair or nail salon…you can establish some spiritual practices that will help you better care for your own soul. That’s why I continue to meet with my own spiritual director each and every month!

Get in touch with me to learn more about spiritual discernment sessions:
41-603-6051 (cell)
[Pacific Time]